Satanisme and Santaisme in lovely embrace




Satan is santa, and santaclouse is a clause of pressent

we shall embrace santa as we embrace a spiked rose bush

with coasion.

i leave the buiiding, the naysayer, he dropped something on the floor, he writes himself out, walks out the door, the yelling man, he who faith is not shattered, he writes books about fountains, and houses, takes a cigarette he does, in piece.


the Crowded area is full of people with lots of thoughts on their minds, some are offing of to funural, or a trip around the park. Dressing of the wheeled man, whos condition is unknown.

the empty table, the smell of food, omeletts mmmmm, and spam, from spam bots and spam pigs.


Confusion in the smoking area, they are beweilderd the two dames, ladies of nice clothing, have they walked wrong, are they lost in a place with no-place to go, we ask them, but gield no answers in return, WHERE ARE WE, no answrs, they got lost, and thats the last we heard of them.


I talk to myself, only of myself about myself, moaning man has birthday, the sweet man of wheels. Myselflady sings, a song for the wheeled fellow, and cake, today also, cake and icecream, homemade caraml, nutts right.


We are nurtured.