Mental Health




To live With mental Health issues, is a Battle many are batteling, and also experience, few times it is the most hardworlking People i know, cause they work With keeping theit emotions in check.

Its a hard and stressfull afair, very unpredictable, it is like to be dating Lord Chaos, and have daily chatts with Lady Death, very unwelcoming but also hard earnd experience, youl get (if you manage to cope with it) 10 layers of character, personality and couragefull, wisdom, to pour into you lifesource.

To live with mentalhealth issues is to play chess with ceveral oponants on the same time. While life is like a game of Snakes & Ladders, you Climb or you Fall, and you Climb even more, thats the cirlcle of life, that is whats called experience.

Immunity is a lie, it is only achived if Your abel to fight and concour you ailment: But Imminity is also a truth and a privilage, which we all will experience in one shape or another, no-one is passive to ailment and expectations, we evolve with it, and experience, and Our psychie is the Product of it which later affects the mind, and our imagination, Mind, Imagination is also affecting ou psychie, who then on futher on affects our life.

Our sences gives us experience, and our DNA and Genomes, gives us herritage, togather it will produce existance, and Products a psyhce, which to a sick person, is a damaged/infecte mind. Caused both by stressfull neurological experiences, and herritated from genomes.

Myfinal verdict

Love Life, Digg for Gold and Stay happy you nervous horses