I made fish grattein, it was quite easy, lots of precedores, that i coped with well enough to make it at home. Lots of nice ingrediences, and nice fresh fish. I also made a potato mash, with tonns of butter, milk and salt (and white pepper, atsjooooo!!), i was blessed with sneas, and humorus events, the gratein is gonna be well tasting, and homemade, which all good food at the Fountain house is,

Fontain house is a club house, with people with a hard time to addapt to normal working condition, for people with mental health issues, or other ailment that makes them un-easy in noraml work, where the intensity, tone, and attitude, may be to direct, or to hostile and the hard times to adjust to strict working scheddule, call it work rehabiliation, but not with the job to rehabilitate but to make people used to working and with being trusted upon tasks and resoponsabilities, quite neat, very usefull if one manage to show up each day, which i have a lame tendency to not do, becouse im a lousy slump, and whos angst is irrasjional, but i cope with it.

Lets just say this is the new week where things turns in my favour, and the wind is blowing in my direction.