»Ahab is a huge part of me, the music this band makes, fills me with so many mental images it is almost a cleansing sensation to listen to them. Its really all to much to blogg about, as i could probably produce the amount of positive aclaming words to produce 40 pages of only accolades. Its baroqan music produced with funural doom instruments, its so damn huge it coudl fill a cathedral or a mountain cave».

Makes me thinkg of balls to the walls music of in-paled flesh and aquaducts filled with blood, most vampires find it absolutly horried with so much blood spill. It is often the mixture of calm and violence that makes Ahabs music so telling and impressions of great gore smeard walls. Mostly from 1000 meter deep in the water does our mind lead us, all of us are outomaticly transportet deep under the sea, by the mighty vessel of the sound Ahab creates.

We develop gills if we are embraced by the music of Ahab, it is so deep in both literature influence and musical deapth you have no other choice but to develop gills. Be like a fish said Arthur, but everyone else said no, it was a very bad idea, everyone thought so, but not Arthur, who listend to Ahab and had by thnen develped gills, he now went my the name Arthur Gill, and spent most of hes hours in the water, when he were not at school, he was fifteen (15) years of age, and was quite fond of school (not particularly math), but most other classes he found he had plenty of strengths academicly. It infuriated him imencely thqt he was so poor stud in math, cause he wanted to understand the complexety of geometry and sperical objects, but by now he focused mostly hes time with biology and literature classes, Jules Verne, Darwin, Robert L Stevenson, and Melvins »Moby Dick», brought hem great pleasure, it was the depth of Ahabs music, Arthur GIll wanted to explore more of, it gave him great power over the mind and the elements, he never told that to anyone, that certan music gave him unimaginable powers. Not all music, if he listend to country music, it only caused people to starve to death, so he avoided that, and reagea left him so cold (it anoyed him thogh), it almost produced a new ice age.

But when Arthur listend to Ahab, he bacame awere of everything, everything of arcane and of ancient origin, he knew it as if he had lived it, and every species who have ever lived on earth, he have breathed their breath, flewen their flight, and swimmed their nautical miles, in truth, he gained an incredible knowledge over living organisme, and of elemental awareness, fire, earth, wind and water; were all in hes command and if hes will wanted it, it worked as the mind had visualised it.

Arthur Gills mind went deaper into the archane by each minutte and moment Ahabs music were played, it became a revalation to him how much music that meant something to him, made such an effect on hes neural profinicy/capasity. Physicly he felt hes muscles swealled hes strength booomed, into massive a massive scale, it not only increaded hes mystical and elemental might, but also hes physical might, he had to held back, but it made hes gymnastic results become so much better, he finaly was able to do things other in class were able to do, he started to gain respect in cricket and in football, he also become a much better athlete, he tested hes skills both in decathlon and extreme sports, obviously hes swimming improoved most as, as hes developing Gills made him a natural habbitant of underwater life, most water activities was naturaly hes greates feats lied. But Ahabs music also made hem feal quite lonly and it hurted him, cause he could tell no-body, and he was good to hide it. But it was tiresome to hide it, spessialy as it was meant to do some great. He spent most time just thinking is there anyone out there who is audiovisio senceative whos life is changed caused by their affinity of music, who cells and neurons, alters by the contact of certain band, hes hopes were dimmed, it was such a rare thing. He felt so alone with hes might. In hes room, in darknesss, with hes archane awareness.