Warp to Uranus

Aura S. Ruin





It was March in the year 3462 of the fifth aeon and our trusty class B-71 intergalactic space cruiser Mirgdrex XVI, having crossed the border to Region 7 and made her way through the infamous hordes of rogues with minimal conflict, was finally nearing the end of her journey towards the dreaded Black Nebula in the periphery of Nova XZX, an area which, as witnessed by myself and the cook, and as subsequently documented in my secret personal journal, even our seasoned and renown captain Frederick Nevski had with such disquietingly evident apprehension hesitated to enter. We were running low on food and alcohol. There was a rumour circulating among the men that we were being lead to an ambush. It had been evident for a while that everyone was increasingly aloof. As qualified space agents we pretended that everything was under control, as it admittedly was on the surface, but to be frank we all knew in our hearts that if things would not improve soon, mutiny was not out of the question.

»Still scribbling those notes of yours?»

The voice belonged to senior officer Barges, a robust and ruggedly handsome character in his late fourties, generally recognized as a freeloader and a pervert but nevertheless respected for his directness and ceaseless joviality.

»Just doing my job», I responded.

»Got to respect the orders, eh?»

His tongue was so deep in his cheek I could literally see it sticking out behind the skin like a cock thrust deep in the mouth past the potentially perilous teeth from the opposite side.

»It’s for my personal amusement, really.»

It was true. I had been chosen by the board as a scribe, a member of the crew dedicated to documenting the mission to engineers and leaders of future generations. It was a worthy enough task and one I genuinely enjoyed. It was what kept me going.

»You need amusement in times like these», Barges said. »I’m going to have mine now.»

Quickly he undid his belt and pulled out his massive member. Putting my notebook down for a moment I grabbed the pulsating thing and began to run my tongue around its pink tip in a rapid circulating motion. He came almost instantly, ejecting his voluminous love juice into my greedy mouth.

»I still wonder how you have the energy, with the food regulations and all», I said, scraping the last bits of cum off my teeth. »Every time you ejaculate you lose valuable life force.»

»It’s no big secret», he chuckled. »Happiness is a choice.»

Homosexuality was a common practice among the men, not surprising on a spaceship where more than half of the population were male in gender and in sex. Only the chief engineer was a woman, and her vagina had recently gotten slightly irritated from the endless sequence of veiny man parts that had previously been rubbed against it. We had unanimously agreed to let her rest for a while. We were that kind to each other. An ideal society, really.



To be continued . . .