Lett the Time Fly




Time is a waste land of waste

and of every type of junk

you can imagine, worth a flunk.


Time is an enigma which lends

and takes, gives headekes and bake.

caaakes, is times lakes in stakes


Dracula and stakes, poles in lakes

which time fakes; his death escapes

times elapsing mandrakes, of cornflakes


Time and space in place of George in Lakes

fakes by times in preludes enwakes, relapsing

cancer akes, in time cells retakes, as ever emites.


Time is like an endles lake, and river and ocean, rain and fog, the cyclus of everything, AB -0, liquid, solid, gas and plasmic fury, times are imune to the erotion of matter


destortion of time and space is the end of creation we embrace, of lives we parteke in makings ogmf destiny and faith we try to catch ontu time


Yet it always escapes!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡:-[:-[:-[:-[:-[!!!!!!