A Letter to My Future Partner

Alison L.



I don’t know who you are yet. Maybe you are already in my life, but maybe you aren’t yet. but that doesn’t matter, because I’m already working to be the kind of person that you need.


I promise to accept you on your own terms (as long as you accept me on mine).

I promise to never take you for granted (don’t forget about me neither).


Sometimes I need a bit of space. When I do, I need you to understand that this is not about you at all. I have so much going on in my head every second of the day, that sometimes I just need a bit of peace to escape from it. Don’t think something is wrong with me or intrinsically wrong with us.


I promise not to bring back up petty stuff from 6 months ago (and I’ll try not to think about it either).

I promise I’ll always work for a compromise (and if you do too, you’ll be in for a treat).


Superficially, it’s easy to get to know me. But really, it takes a long time to get to know the real me. I’m a slow burn, and I hope you are okay with that — trust me, it’ll be worth it. I’ll keep my walls up around you for a long time. When I feel comfortable, the shield will finally slip. If you end up being privy to the locked box in my mind, count yourself extremely lucky. I promise there are no dead bodies inside.


I promise I’ll being attentive, nurturing, and caring (but I won’t hover or stifle you).

I promise I’ll always be 100% unadulterated me (and that I’ll change for no one).


This is a tremendous heart I have, with so much room for love. You’ll be my anchor — tie me down before I float into the ether. I’ll bouy your heart with my levity.


I promise I won’t make the same mistakes (but oh god, how I’ll make new ones).

I promise I’ll do better this time.


I promise I’ll do better.