Nate Powell



Daylight hazy hash head, wrong turn and zed's dead, figure of speech, leaving words unsaid, committed to convoluted insidious recollections of past recollections, collect pieces post dissection, rebuild monsters, only to curse them once more, all guts and gore eventually wash up on shore, ocean floor maybe torsos galore, but upon sandy beaches lie no garments tore, no exception, beneath every deception lies cavernous bodies, holes to fall through, how long can glue possibly hold two opposing forces steady, and when will ready mean ready, sometimes it takes multiple hands to wield machete, cleaver hand in deceiver stance, two to dance, a third to film, skim top layer off after applied heat, defied defeat, can't catch wax on receipt, meat of the meal provided a well lit feel, sealed the deal, by providing the real, steal what was once stolen, holes in wall, tumor in skull, stall out before claws out, can't count past singularity, unbearably, end of 4 rotation day seek clarity, a variety of ways to mold clay, survey the skies as eyes rolling back finally find finality, might be multiple reality, circumstantial evidence remains prevalent, saw no value in past covenants, no salutes to what's irrelevant, incoherent dribble sputters out of wasteoid face creasing, theories of time and space ceasing, greasing already lubricated wheels, mechanisms of steel peel, outgoing probes to feel the place out, scouts with espresso stouts, by no means floundering in clout, more like problems insurmountable, calculations unfathomable, reroute them all towards one indestructible man made monolith, words don't mean much when cracking and crumbling, fumbling over grounds rumbling, seemingly strange, outwardly expressing disdain, innards showed more of the same

Caught up on the tane, future based on maintain, insane theories, ideas placed, similar to learys, drop then catch flurries, in no hurry, consistently blurry, eyes widened, while some views are caught between blinders, dropped view finder, leaves some men behind her, by her, the great inspector in the sky, no questions on why, broken down simply to do or die, cry opposition lies, empty heads, wife's with thick thighs, knee highs on the weekends, a distorted projector sequence, then resistance weakened, beacons of hope turned to cretins on coke, fiends for the mean, I've seen the scene, returned to conscious unclean, confused and dazed, hazed by men half the wit, twice the body contortion, multiples failed last resorts then abortion consortium, it floors them, speak up but then the lights dimmed, grim silence till empty phone lines dialed in, lights on, return the grin, circular table dead within, empty stare now left half aware, truth or dare, turned welcome to my lair, bare witness to plots unraveling, so much for traveling...