Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

J. K. Giih



1. I wear out more than one pair of shoes a year.

2. I no longer want to join the communist party.

3. I don’t remember if I know how to swim.

4. I never understood addiction until I got addicted to frozen pizza.

5. I often don’t listen to music for weeks.

6. My spirit animal is the jackdaw.

7. I believe everyone deserves to be loved.

8. I understand serial killers better than I understand people who donate money to humanitarian organizations.

9. I am a romantic at heart but have never bought flowers to anyone but myself.

10. My biggest fear about going to prison is not having a place to keep my books in. That, and being raped.

11. Despite my good looks and evident intellect I have never been approached by a woman.

12. I once killed a man with my bare hands.

13. I hate the moments when I feel like I’m supposed to say something but I don’t know how.

14. I sometimes wonder if I would be happier as a mathematician.

15. I’m against democracy.

16. I am passionate about experimental literature.

17. I don’t sit alone in the dark often enough.

18. I have had dirty thoughts about most of my male friends.

19. I feel like I’m too old to cosplay.