Why my head is a sponge




Nothingness, is something i experience due to mental illness, the feel of nothingness, and grasplessness, is things i expereince, yet my mind is filled with stuff, both saney and madness.

Nothingness what is nothningness, well nothing is something and sometimes something is nothing. the wast informatio in the human mind will or can lead to confusion and missconception of event he easyest things, and manners, never take for granted morals nor ethics, they are easy targests of corruption, seek knowledge and seek freedom of thoughts and learnings, be open to change yet, held firm on your good moral grounds.

Everything came out of nothing, yet it spun out of something and nothing, the enigma of a beginning is the cofusion of our own placement in nothing and in something.

When answers gets into the finidng of the endless, time, inifinite, time, then nothing and something bits itself in the tail. Becouse Eternity and Infinity is void of Nothing and something, and from Oblivion, Death is but a paranthese. yet from an end a beginning wil rise, from Death new Life will arise, from the prepetural darkness.

Dark Energi, comes from nothing yet nothing comes from the Multiverse, and were Energy of mass which sticks Galaxys to a fixed entity, laws of nature makes so.