In Dreams My Feet Never Touch the Earth But What I Thought Was Reality Was Just a Dream

Dogon von Sirius



Please excuse me if this comes across as angry but I have been deeply hurt.


These are the facts of the matter:

you treated me like a business project

you made me act like an axe in the forest

so now I'm off to see the great wizard.


No longer will I help you wash the dishes

and whatever button you want me to push

I will push the other.


I have seen the future and infinity is more than a twisted zero

how will I ever have time to clean my name?


Will I have to hold my sword against generals

for all the misery they have caused against us?


At this rate we'll have one fine bloodbath.


Too bad intelligent people always have too much doubt to act.


Yes there are things I don't understand, including myself

no it's not like I never worked under the instruction of the humanoids

but trying to force people to live a lifestyle they don't want to is just plain wrong

and speaking the truth should never be deemed an act of terrorism.


I guess everybody hates you when you're a prophet.