Why do i constantly Return to Avatar: the Last Airbender




The series is to me a way of elaborate what i allways question about the world we Connect ourself to, the duality the quadravity, the story of People binding themselvs together through hardship and pain, is a story that never gets old, and the createors of ATLA is very capable to make a world that combines, fantasy, humor, well thought out psychology and personal Growth, like a buildungsroman, and With a childlike charm and quick witt. It is purpusfully snappy, charming and captivation, yet also quite deep concepts of stuff which we rarely see caprture well on screen.

I am very facinatet With shows about the greek classical elements, Earth, Fire, Air and Water (and Aether/spirit), there is so many capabilitys, even more facination is the combination of western and eastern, mending Yin/yang comlpexities, With classical elements is delt With quite elegantly in Avatar-verse.

It also remeinds me of how they are related to psychological states, those elements. The also inclucion of worked in martial art in the context of the bending arts is quite astounding, and beutifull. Marrying old tradition in a beautifull way.

What can be said of the character

Katara, always carrying for the others in the Group, a mother figure, the glue to the Group, and also one Whos willpower and stamina makes her to become quite the powerfull bender.

Aang, never a dull moment, his adoreable and very funny, an random, yet also has a streak of affection, and NEVER STEAL HIS FLYING BISON! Aang is the Avatar, he is Connected to some cosmic order and spiritual world so he is quite awesome

Sokka is a protective, humourus and brave Southerm water tribe teenager, full of witt, but also full of clumsyness, hes a great character Whos Growth though the series is as important as the others