Non-descript & Aloof

Seth H. Monroe



I can hear your familial functions crumble through my chamber window. I masturbate to the sound of your spouse's frustrated grief. Your children are the absolute base-line examples of everything that should be washed away. Filth collects around everything you force-feed my unwelcoming ears. A magpie's song is far more pleasant than anything you contribute.

Long must one wait for an encouraging word to be heard coming from your thrifty property. I pay the price that is exorbitant and you keep the receipts. A moral compass is useless on this journey through mediocrity. Direction is misunderstood when it has to speak over itself. A good neighbour personifies the most unpersonable traits at the most inconvenient times.

Aromatic poison is the calling card of secondary function. Thank Godesssss I can't remember her name...