Keirtza Starfire



I have a quamble for all of you giddly finks. Black spaghetti oozes out of the rainbow rabbit. Pray to the mud gods to release him. My messenger was given rainbow fire tea from Valhalla. That roach is a sorcerer . Release him. I like to thread brains into a quilt made of digital demons spewing rainbow static. The moon is an angry pizza that melts diamonds. I will start a war as a flying spaghetti monster. Open your pine all gland... it’s a time cone. Spiral, gumdrops. Just Be and Nothing More. Twirl. Demon girls cannot hula hoop. Cat feathers fall from the galaxy of rainbow blood. My soul is covered in mud. The mushroom star spores twinkle across the floor. I bathe in oranges glowing underground. I will rise. The rabbit whole is a gasoline moon puddle. My name is Soap. I am W 23 queen of rainbow blood. I pee anarchy. Release the unicorns, and know mud. Fold your quarters. Dine on my book. Dine, dine, dine on glorious harmony. Harm one knee. Hop on one foot. Hope on one foot. And see.... I never really left. You need to develop yourself. Believe /\/othing at all and Everything will come.