I am the Hulk, my tormented anger is uncanny.

I will consume myself with anger, I am your Ahab, i will hunt you down and drive my harpoon thorugh your heart. I will RIPP you in half, you scundurell swine, your spine is like a little twig, and my nucluar impowered muscles will wreck it. With Ahabs obsession i will HUNT, you with Hulks anger i will find you, and with a Leviathans migh, SPITE YOU!!

I am the Blue Genie of the lamp, my might is infintate

, if i will turn your haed to a potato i can, if you are want to be a millionare i can make you one, if you spite my master, you wish you were never born, i can grant that wish. Im an eternal SLAVE, to you my master i will OBAY, my power infinite, IM FINITE. your moratal mind can’t contain me, yet enslavement is my curse, i will see that we will share this destinny in the eternal life, IN HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!!!!