A Very Simple Aluminium Furnace

Dogon von Sirius



Psychopaths comprise one to four percent of the world’s population

it feels good to understand that the ants are my friends

now I am ready to go after what rightfully belongs to me.


Hierarchical systems always tend to enslave everyone in the low levels

the true controllers are unseen

thank you masons and illuminati for leaving clues

next time we should try to say the full truth and not only half of it.


Everyone on earth has a mission to fulfil

shall I tell you what I think of yours?


Your spoon is full of sugar

your appearance is the appearance of horses

we wish you much success in your choices.


Evolution is a harsh business

if you seek to be feared

you have already eaten my children.


So what if you like to torture people

I’m sure I have an alien chip implant in my jaw on the right side

I always have to check to see if my heart is beating

but I am here by the will of the great spirit

don’t tell me how to smile in my own dreams.


I almost think I am not sure of what I absolutely know

maybe there will be a next time although I can’t see one coming

if I had one lover to choose from it would be you

after that I want to rest a little because I like to rest

and let her who has wisdom decide what to do with the sycamores.