OOOh Aardvark

Aardvark oooh aardvark the tunnels under earth soil,

Soiled with mud, thee African savannah, the tunnels of Aardvark stretch faar

, deep beneath the surface, they dig.

The Aardvark the cunny and civilized, societies misunderstood by folk.

Aardvark kin to elephant, so strange so strange, how could you tell


Aardvark of myths and legends digs tunnels ant eat ants, because that is what you do.


Ooooh Wombat

Wombat oooh the mighty wombat, not just a bat but a wombed at, its womb

Therefore, warm so comfy, not bat, but marsupial, little wombat wormling infant, crawls to womb

As any other marsupial, its kid looks like slug, yet evolution into adorable cute, is nigh close.

Oooooh wombat, mighty tunnels, so loooong so intricate, eats plants and ants, (I think)

The wombat, a legend so covered with intricate wormholes of giant mystical pathways.

Each whole a wombat dig, is in fact intergalactic wormholes, which they travel vast distances.

Through fabric of space,


Penguin solo/bridge

Loop lipp lapp, lupp, penguins march

Dupp dipp daapp, dooop, sliding sliding

Wobbedidoup, dapppediiouuuup, jumping to the party

Slappedislapp, slippetisloap, falling all over the place,


Survives without scratch


Ooooh Sloth

Sooooooo slow sloth, cliiiiiiiibing through Brazilian forests, with its loooong claws, its pace is

Slooooooow, yet cunny and intellect they possess, curiosity, they gain, the ghost of the forest

The spirits of jungle. The sloth, the sloth, their so, might so nighty, eats fruits.

Slooooooooooooow the wombat climbs down to the forst grounds, and down the river

To swiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim, and uuuuuuuup again the tall amazons triiiiiiiiis and slowly cliiiiiiiimbs further.