Forty-Three Haikus About Epistemological Oscillations

arranged by Georges Cunningham




After further thought was given I thought I should explore my mind with the aids of drugs and small, oddly shaped barber’s tools. 68 hours later I didn’t realize I was still in an airport. 122 hours later I thought about doing the procedure again. 301 hours later I came up with all the answers I was looking for. The follow is a collection that I often read when I’m making coffee or biscuits or painting the old soup kitchen. Thank you for your consideration.


Much love & Ointment




Closet Turmoil

by Gergor Stamston


I walk around stores

I sit inside stalled engines

I open my mouth




Conception Of Grass

by Linda Hammill


Italian village

on a waking hill collapse

from the sheering wait




Grade School Physics

by Harold Zans


Bread in the salad

Bread in the anal passage

Bread in the freedom




Don’t Stop For People You Can’t See

by Gerald T. Hispanie


Groups follow themselves

as an indictment of truth,

freedom of all faith.





by Mary Ann Bungloo


Choosing extra fame

concludes this reality

before it begins




Obscure Sports In Southern Asia

by Chester Abraham Gesh


Why don’t words exist?

Whose methods shall we question?

Can it be tasted?




My Failure As A Toaster

by Alastair Cross



Is required to punish

Liquid solutions





by Joan Poouch


You can’t see when you

Begin stepping on science

With new tennis shoes.




Great Stegosaurus, Master Of Interplanetary Disciplines

by Kazkaye Moe


Anal probes reveal

Intensive diarrhea

Destroys most function.




Copy Donkeys

by Ru Si Toug


We constrict our thought

By insisting we can keep

The cage fully greased




No One Wears Clothes In Manassas

by Carl Klempt


Strangers In The Night

Perform lewd acts in public

Schoolyards and playgrounds




Eating Hebrew

by Homles McGlennon


Staring at a sky,

Wondering why it’s a sky,

And not nine starfish.





by Sanders Graystone


Always another

Undeniable fault line

In silent process




Visionaries & Staring Wholly Into The Future

by Adele Sams


Looping and looping

And looping and looping and

Looping and looping




Capturing Photons Of Light On Your Tongue

by Horatio Saunders


The didgeridoo

Of life beckons you to dance

For eternity





by June Clemont


Do we pay taxes

To inflate the overall

Schema of nations?




You’re My Universe, And I’m Your Tolstoy

by Winslo K. Raffmaanitar


I masticate plums

for advancements in science,

not an empire




Shellfish Make Milkshakes

by Catherine Hennick






Hurricane Jungle

by Leeland Pointe


No one can explain

Abnormal bones in this fish

Without oral sex.




Numbers As A Strain Of Smallpox

by Samuel N. Kamchee



On contraflow paradigms

Stirs fierce emotions.




Uninterested In Everything

by Warner Q. Potato


Shitting in a box

Turns on another black man

Before he chews it.




Roads Paved With Hams

by Krenar Debuirk


Remembering is

A passion we cannot share

With donkeys or voles.




Rocket In The Milkstorm

by Jenifer F. Freens


Laugh and laugh alone

Sing and be miserable

Dance and fall over




The Japanese Have No Word For ‘Globule’

by Cecil O. McDonnough


I can only laugh

When guitars begin housework

Without wearing shoes.




This Is Pretty Terrible

by Anabelle Simcock


Naked Serbians

Invest in laxatives for

Fifty centuries.




Glo Fo Deenaar T:uuy Saame

by Assam Marckosen


Fli Mflim Cowears

Atommpic Oo’ooo’o’o Eegreesaaap Wans

Fokrmp Si Vi Ai Zi Zu Oo’ooo Tpipii




Flying Machines Of England Yore

by Daphne Waters


Butterfly wing flaps

Loud female voices echo

As waterwheels turn




For My 14 Year Old Self

by Emerson W. Wainscoting


Never believe that

Animal flesh can survive

Days in your colon.




G = (13x/(44-X^5x)) + sin(3r^3)

by Emily D. Smalls


Penmanship becomes

The entire focus of

Foreign governments.




Accidental Coporphagia

by Andre Dinde Blabrel


Pugnacious seacocks

Cannot respect decisions

Made by this decade.




Running Naked

by Ronda Pluph


Plowing the barren

Fields with three different yaks

Creates tension here.




Flowing Hostility

by Sebra Coquanto


Mild disinterest

In global economies

Is more fair than not.




Fight Song #229 – Rough Territory

by Williamson S. Diptherhon


Mustaches appear

On earth’s protuberances;

Quite queer, are they not?





by H.O. Kilgore


Egrets bathe in sun

Water in the open sky

Mythical cascade




Wintertime Soup

by Havan Getas


Ancient Greeks played games

Ancient Persians ate wet dirt

Ancient Mayans died




It’s Bad To Become Disabled

by Sampson Gray


Wishful thinking is

Another delusion of

The illiterate.




There Is A Time And A Place And A Style Of How To Live And Tell About Living To Obsolete And Obtuse People Who Carry Bread Around Inside Their Pockets Or Purses Or Shoes Or Briefcases Or Sandwich Bags Or Universal Translators Or Camels Or Biohazard Buckets Or Coffee Cups And Expect More Out Of Less Than Current Generations Expect Out Of Nothingness And Want And Desire That Is Never Provided By People Who Pretend To Read Minds, Hearts, Or Souls And Can’t Which Doesn’t Stop Them From Sending Mail To Foreign Dignitaries Or Ministers Of Commerce By Three PM Tuesday Morning In A Driving Rainstorm That Causes All The Doves To Emigrate Away And Flood The Ruins That Look At The Past And Future Where Locals Often Lose Their Keys And Charm Bracelets

by Tim Eatanus








Moth Jokes

by Suscaluna Andriot Motte


The butterfly net

Cannot distinguish lemons

Nor insert the keys




Translation Matrix

by Oliver Pestol


Glide away towards hell

With no ferry passengers

To release the wasps




Time Is Vetoed By The Preliminary Parliamentary Procedures

by Ann Oothur Poit


Stolen lines and verse

In arbitrary meter

Clumsily scribbled




Inside The Globe

by Shoo Hern


Gratitude is nice

With outrageous performance

In forgotten halls





by Parson White


Maze of wonderments

The prison we try to keep

with complication




What I Have Learned

by Georges Cunningham


The stables we fill

Without elderly cheeses

Are truly distinct