the fall of troy




it is near, i swear

our hope is over

we are slowly, falling

piece to piece, in shreds


troy was grand,

its army mighty

though it walls

not imune to rust

nither fall to dust

by the horse

the angry horse


inside the horse were men

brave men they were

a cunning plan, a masterstroke.

devious, cunning plan of

innvasion, conquest and might


In the midst he stood

the great errect one

the leader with his weakness

the spot of his foot

to nimble his heels supposedly were


Don't confuse Alexander the great with Achilles

or you will rot in hell of internall pain

they are two different persons, who if confused

will make your haed explode, face the incredible pain of

confusion and wrong conclusions


the bitter end the confusing finale, is the style i wrote poem

the innventive twist of the great Achilles (who is not Alexander the Great)

be ready or not for you can't hide

be prepared for battle

and for peace and for glory and for cheesecake