Alison L.



One day we were going on a trip

Across the river and off the mainland.

But in the end you could not under this moon.

and you told me you’d meet me soon.


That day I took the boat, got aboard and gave my coins.

Put it in the box so gingerly. It tinkled when it fell.

I thought of you and how you had to stay.

But I thought: “I can go my own way.”


We crossed the beautiful river, and I gazed into the sun.

No birds were in the sky, no fishes were to be had.

I took my seat near the front and marvelled at each sight.

But my head agonized over each spat and fight.


The brief voyage terminated at our destination

And we disembarked slowly and with care.

I held the rail so on the slippery deck I did not fall

‘Cause I was deep in thought about when you might next call.


The river lay between us.

It could have been an ocean blue.

My heart was fit to burst.

I hoped you had missed me too.


In the end, I made new friends.

Tried new food, went to new places.

But in all of those new faces

Never was yours.


The years went by as they do.

They soldiered on and on.

I heard you got remarried.

Had two daughters and a son.


We were to travel together

Hand in hand, heart to heart.

My alacrity waned when you could not come.

The rejection tore me apart.


Your smallest girl came on that voyage.

How brave she was! All alone.

How tragic you could not take her place

Her young eyes still glistened, her hair still shone.


If I had been better, if you have loved me more

Would you have come with me?

Would you still have left me at the shore?

You’ll come this way still I know deep down.


One day you’ll be old and one, tired and empty.

You’ll need to make that trip I made long ago

Where there will be no deception or tricks.

Then I’ll wait for you ‘cross the River Styx.

I’m waiting for you across the River Styx.