Shit: What Is Left By Being Taken And Rarely Given

Seth H. Monroe



Whiskey scented confessions absorbed by hard luck clowns

Flea market salvation granted by a bum's hand

Scowling purveyors of low brow humour toast high ranking degenerates

Uselessness soars with minimal chance to plummet as it should

The many become the most with fewer options

Rations of the frivolous nourish those who just need a snack

Bargain hunters display their wares to fattened tradesmen and the like

Hard work and soft morals enable unfinished business

The slightest leaning toward efficiency is supported by the desire to self destruct


Press the red button and black out the skies

Bellies of yellow burn white and turn to ash to be dissolved in the blue waters green with envy and horns just the same

The grey is all that matters


Countdown to distinction with free drinks

Open tab surgery flushed with credibility

Heinous equations are calculated on uneven ground

Digital justice sways in tarnished scales

Time falls off clocks like clocks falling from walls

Overly descriptive accounts receivable paid in full

Bare minimums bear witness to bonded words

Unexpected transfers become prime examples


Inverted shadows blanket slumbering hopes

Interesting and gluttonous snakes soften the blow of tedium

Feasts of serpent tail satisfy ambivalent appetites without fail

The most discerning palettes become numb from bits pieces

Parts consumed whole through a hole muted by ambidextrous hands attached to arms that talk too much and at the most inappropriate times