A Maniac's Pubis Epics

Seth H. Monroe



Place last in every race if you seek the biggest picture

It is all in front of you and sketchy

Current affairs are blurred out by misunderstood words

Stabbing cloaks and staggering daggers are dragged to the slag heap

Pay no mind since nothing matters and there is nothing left to be said to the dead

Answered questions are greeted by raised bottles


Afloat in an ocean of confusion

A deep breath is crudely drawn in order to drown

Upside down while sinking is the best time to say »BOTTOMS UP!»

Nullified deceptions are the clearest waters

Small tokens found few and far between borders

Seeing too much can cause sea sickness


Belief is stricken from this manipulated system

It is God's pleasure to do business on a Sunday

Make an offer during business hours out of respect

Inhale from the red rag that is saturated in a certain something

Check your compass

Encompass nothing