Nervous memorial to Lou Reed




Though your music rarely touched my ears

as my head was elswere.

but when my first hear it, and were awere it, I lost all my fears


As the Perfect Days was suite so pure,

and the words you wrote became so real

it paved my path to the future.


many articles of you i have read, you come out as of dread

a man of crass opinions and sharp nails

but it not your fault that they need cheap bread.

the words they wrote often fails

to be truthfull is a hindrence, with wrong intent nor interest

in whats really its about,


Like Lou said, »interpreett things as you wish»

its not so hard, dont complicate things

or you make your own mishmash dish

Take a Walk on the Wildside meant something for Lou

and it have a different meaning to anny-who, and Lou said that is okey.


In the documentary i saw, he seemd like a nice bloke

who can I dislike that honesty and dry sence of humor

the modesty he is the best to provoke,

shallowness get limp in his presence but musicality is still his armor,


what can you say they word-smith lost in a hey

but his words is stil there, to be read and shared

his music is still around to give comfour and wormth,

his gifts are plenty, nurture your artistic souls with it,

be happy,


Thanks Lou