Long Omegle Chat Is Long

Stranger & You



You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!


Question to discuss:

Are you horny?


Stranger: lol

You: not really

Stranger: u r CORNY

Stranger: lol

You: :O

Stranger: u must be a girl. GIRL POWER!!

Stranger: yeh?

You: ummm, not really

Stranger: :)

You: but sure, whatever

Stranger: wtf???

You: what?

Stranger: u r a guy? o.O

You: sorry :(

Stranger: sorry what?

You: sorry that i’m a guy?

Stranger: bitch nigga, im not looking for a dick

You: true

Stranger: yu gay, nigga

You: not really

Stranger: im horny, yo

Stranger: ya’mean?

You: i’m not looking for a boyfriend

Stranger: word son, my cock is HARD AA

You: the world does not revolve around your dick!

Stranger: as FUCK

Stranger: i thib

You: ?

Stranger: *i think u r a girl

You: true

Stranger: you hve decieved me.

You: not really

Stranger: HOW DARE YOU?!

You: are you a girl?

Stranger: not really vhat?

You: what?

Stranger: ..are.. you???

You: no?

Stranger: yes?

You: no

Stranger: yes

You: are you a gril?

Stranger: are you a byo?

You: omg yes :O

Stranger: omg yes :o

You: :OOOO

Stranger: :00000)

You: r u horny? ;)

Stranger: B======D~~~~~

Stranger: i am

You: wtf ewwwwwww

Stranger: r u a guy?

You: yes

You: but i’m not gay

Stranger: age?

You: older than you

Stranger: uh..im not gay, faggy guy

You: oh

Stranger: im 14..virgin

Stranger: u?

You: oh …

You: a girl?

Stranger: fuckjng shit. yesh.


Stranger: !!!!!!

Stranger: what?

You: never mind then

Stranger: what?

You: i’m too old to talk to you :(

Stranger: im horny


Stranger: im wet down ther

You: nice

Stranger: help me?

You: how?

Stranger: how big are u?

You: average

Stranger: make me hot

Stranger: 2 in?

You: lololoolol

Stranger: male me finger

Stranger: *make

You: can’t you do it yourself?

You: i’m busy

Stranger: i need a fat dick in my pussy

You: oh

Stranger: really guy?

You: yes

You: you?

Stranger: u have a wet and horny girl..and u r gonna pass me up??!

Stranger: ubmust be gay

You: i guess?

You: wtf

You: no

Stranger: well then make me touch myself

You: i don’t know how

Stranger: my fongers r in my panties ;)

You: oh

Stranger: tell me why u do to me

Stranger: what*

You: nothing, i guess?

Stranger: dude..srsly..u wouldnt fuck me??

You: probably not

Stranger: im tight

You: it wouldn’t be appropriate

Stranger: y????

Stranger: im not ugly

You: oh

Stranger: y????????

You: you’re too young

Stranger: >:-(

Stranger: wtf

You: and i don’t know you

You: what?

Stranger: dude..idc

You: k

Stranger: u have a cock.

You: true

Stranger: pit it in me

You: wtf

Stranger: srsly

You: well ok

Stranger: u r gay?

You: no

Stranger: then fuck me

You: k

Stranger: tell me wuat u would do

You: wtf

Stranger: ubmakeing me not horny

Stranger: -_-

You: true

You: i’m sorry

Stranger: arnt u hard?

Stranger: i need a cock

You: oh

Stranger: im sexy. mom let me.get belly button piiercing

Stranger: flat stomach

You: oh nice

Stranger: pink nipples small breasts tho

Stranger: i shave my pussy

Stranger: clean

You: cool

Stranger: and i have a great ass

You: oh

Stranger: i love it

You: k

Stranger: can u imagine me riding your fat (average) cock? yumm..

You: i guess i could

Stranger: my lil body on ur adult frame

Stranger: my tight pussy being stretched by ur fat coxk

You: :O

Stranger: mmmmm..i need to fuck! im horny again

You: wtf

Stranger: dude..talk to me

You: no

You: find some porn

Stranger: i wnna touch myself

Stranger: fuck u. eithr talk dirty..or gtfo

Stranger: u gay?

You: no

Stranger: how old are you? i like older bouys

You: 24

Stranger: id fuck a 50 yr old ;)

You: cool

Stranger: dude its not that bad

You: oh

Stranger: i can imagine his experienced ass bending me every were into hot positions

Stranger: and stuffing my yung pussy

Stranger: and i wanna try anal

You: :O

Stranger: ive put a finger in my butt b4..it felt nice

You: i bet you’ve got a tight butt

Stranger: and ive put a cucumber in my pussy

Stranger: …;)

Stranger: i do

Stranger: it felt so good

You: i can imagine

Stranger: the stretching felt amazing!

Stranger: i wish it was a real cock tho ;)

Stranger: srsly dude..making me horny

Stranger: help me out..

You: you seem quite horny already

Stranger: i am

You: i don’t think i can make you more horny

Stranger: but i wanna touch myself to

Stranger: i have a cucumber here withbmme

You: nice

Stranger: i want to read what u do to me

Stranger: while i stuff myself

Stranger: please..

You: i’m not going to do anything to you

Stranger: ?

You: go ahead and stuff yourself

Stranger: dude..iys just text

You: i have a writer’s block

Stranger: nonbody will know

You: true

Stranger: this is anon

Stranger: ur killing me

You: would you believe me if i told you i’m writing a novel?

Stranger: omg y have i wasted so mich time wit you??

You: i guess

Stranger: yes!

You: oh :O

Stranger: what kind?

You: it’s hard to describe

Stranger: erotic? twilight type? or guy stuff?

You: none of the above

You: nothing really happens in it

Stranger: ur boring me

You: i know

You: i bore everyone

Stranger: i want to fuck my cus

Stranger: hes sooo hot

You: oh

Stranger: super buff

Stranger: big cute butt ;)

You: have you told him you want to fuck him?

Stranger: and hes half black..so they say they have big dicks! ;]

You: true

Stranger: no havent told him

Stranger: he might flil

You: maybe only half of his dick is big

You: and black

Stranger: *flip

You: oh

Stranger: but ive rubed my crotch up against him

Stranger: his body

You: oh?

Stranger: we played woth my little cussins

Stranger: tag

You: oh lol

Stranger: and i fell on tol of him

Stranger: and i basicly hump his leg

Stranger: and he got hard!! ^_^

You: :O

Stranger: i pressed his dick as i got up

Stranger: and he blushed

You: he wants you, you should go for it

Stranger: hes a senir

Stranger: i should? i want to sooo bad

You: yes

You: i bet he can’t resist you

Stranger: i bet hes got a fat dick :D

You: yes

Stranger: i cant resist him!

You: :O

Stranger: i reallly reallly want him

Stranger: he fingers me when i was younger

Stranger: like 5

You: haha

You: nice

Stranger: really

Stranger: its prolly y im always horny

You: maybe

Stranger: he made me feel good

Stranger: we would hide and play doctr

Stranger: and he would take my close of

Stranger: and he would fix me

Stranger: with his hands on my pussy ;)

Stranger: he even put his mouth on me once

Stranger: it felt soooooo good

Stranger: but i dont think he remembers

You: oh :(

Stranger: obviously if he dont wanna fuck me

Stranger: i was like 5 so he dont remember

You: how old was he?

Stranger: mmmmm..thinking about that makes me horny ;)

Stranger: idk. 9 or 10?

You: he should remember then

Stranger: dude..fuck me or whT?

You: wtf

You: no

Stranger: threw text

Stranger: w

You: you bore me

Stranger: why u scared?

Stranger: u gay?

You: no

Stranger: im touching my pussy remembering him

Stranger: play with me ;)

You: wtf

Stranger: ?????

You: can’t you play with yourself?

Stranger: derr! but i like to read and imagine to

You: oh

Stranger: help me guy!

You: you should read an erotic novel

Stranger: its better when its a real person. like u

You: i’m not a real person

Stranger: seriously i wanna put this cucumber in my pusssy

You: go ahead then

Stranger: u r typing..u have to he real

Stranger: i wanna imagine u

Stranger: u being the cucumber

You: is it a fresh cucumber?

You: or a pickled one?

Stranger: haha yes!

Stranger: fresh

You: good

Stranger: dude. play along

You: nah

Stranger: wtf gay guy

You: wtf no

Stranger: wasting my time

You: i’m sorry

Stranger: u would sooo fuck me if u saw me

You: probably not

Stranger: i know it

You: i’m quite shy

Stranger: u would

You: no

Stranger: well if u wer hot i would jump ur bones

You: oh

Stranger: and fuck u myslef

Stranger: stop talking and play along fool!

You: wtf

Stranger: stol saying that!

Stranger: u sound like a bitch

You: :(

Stranger: grwo up and play along

Stranger: srsly guy

You: i’m going to make some coffee

Stranger: !!

Stranger: u r what guys call a pussy

You: true

Stranger: if u didnt want me..u would have disconnected. u want me

You: possibly

Stranger: u r just scars for som reason

You: yes

Stranger: why?

Stranger: stop it

You: the fbi is watching us

Stranger: and pretend fuck me

Stranger: wtf??

Stranger: says who??

You: me

Stranger: far as we kno. u r 15. now fuck me

Stranger: u. r. 15!

You: wtf

You: no

Stranger: yes

Stranger: nobody will say otherwise

You: i’m not going to play your silly games

Stranger: srsly

Stranger: fuck u then

You: ok

Stranger: its not a game

You: oh

Stranger: if we r being watched. u are 15

You: i’m not though

Stranger: nobody has to kno

Stranger: idc

Stranger: u say ur 24. no. i say u r 15

Stranger: and idc

Stranger: do u like asian girls?

You: i like some of them

You: why?

You: are you an asian girl?

Stranger: .

Stranger: do u want me to be??

You: i don’t really care

Stranger: we can be wtever we want on here

You: oh

Stranger: u ca have a giant fat dick

Stranger: i ca have big boobs

Stranger: we imagine

Stranger: now fu k me

You: no

Stranger: srsly. i have this cucumber ready

You: good

You: you should use it

Stranger: what if i send u pics? yes?

You: sure, whatever

Stranger: i will then! play with me tho!

Stranger: u have never met a freaky girl like me. i can almost stuff the cucumber half way

You: cool

Stranger: mmmm..;) im wet

You: doesn’t it hurt?

Stranger: it hurts good

Stranger: i go slow

You: oh ok

Stranger: and i play with my clit

You: be careful not to scratch anything

Stranger: what u mean?

You: with the cucumber

You: have you peeled it?

Stranger: scratch what?

Stranger: no

You: something inside you

Stranger: should i peel it?

You: maybe

You: it might feel nicer

Stranger: i never do

You: oh

Stranger: maybe next time

Stranger: i cant leave my room tl peel it

You: oh

You: too bad

Stranger: i put it on my lips right now ;)

Stranger: wanna put it inside

Stranger: ;)

You: sure

Stranger: i rap my legs around a bear and i hump it

You: nice

Stranger: and i stuff the cucumber from behind

Stranger: it feels sooo good!

You: :)

Stranger: i srsly get my teddy wet every time

You: haha

Stranger: whats funny? i wish it was a real guy :/

You: awww

Stranger: really

You: that’s cute

Stranger: i rub vaselin all over the cucumber b4 i put it in my pussy

Stranger: it slips in slowly

You: mmmm

Stranger: ikr

Stranger: and ever sense i started having my legs i shave my pussy to

Stranger: *shaving

Stranger: it lools pretty :P

You: doesn’t it feel cold in the winter though?

Stranger: nope

You: oh

Stranger: i have panties

You: that’s good

Stranger: i dont wear thongs in the winter

You: me neither

Stranger: lol

Stranger: play with me?

You: i don’t think so

Stranger: i cant find thw vaselin. this will be my first time dry

You: :O

Stranger: why do u teas me?

You: i don’t

Stranger: u say mmmm like u want me..then u deny me wtf

You: sorry about that

Stranger: stop wasting my time

You: ok

Stranger: just play

You: no, i think i’ll leave instead

Stranger: ?

Stranger: imagine me

You: ok

Stranger: i have pl

Stranger: blonde hair

Stranger: i startes tanning

Stranger: i weigh 95 pounds

Stranger: tounge piercing

Stranger: belly button peircing

Stranger: skinny/slim/ thin

Stranger: green eyes

Stranger: a cup (u can imagine bigger)

Stranger: nice booty

Stranger: tightshaved pussy

Stranger: what else u need?

Stranger: i need a fat cock

You: oh

You: that’s not a lot to ask

Stranger: i wanna get fuxkedhard

Stranger: please help me imagine

Stranger: i will send pics

Stranger: witb cucumber

You: haha

Stranger: srsly

You: ok

Stranger: play

You: nah

Stranger: i hate u

You: true

Stranger: u KNO u want me

You: maybe

Stranger: u KNOW u want to see me naked

Stranger: u wana fuck me

Stranger: i want u

You: oh

You: but

You: you don’t even know me

Stranger: i want to imagine

You: i’m tired

Stranger: wtf. i have school. idc. im horny

You: oh

Stranger: r u a girl???

You: no

You: are you?

Stranger: im bi

You: oh

Stranger: yes!!!

You: ok

Stranger: derr stupid!

You: :(

Stranger: please

Stranger: inwill record myself for you

Stranger: i will stick ig in my butt if u want me to

Stranger: just play with me!

You: i’m not interested

Stranger: yes u are

You: oh

Stranger: u r

You: ok

Stranger: now play u ass

You: i don’t know how

Stranger: just tell me whst u will do to me. fuck my pussy

You: but i don’t want to fuck you

Stranger: yes u do

You: whatever

Stranger: fuck u

Stranger: faggot

You: :(

Stranger: fuck me or gtfo

You: ok, i’m going

You: have a nice day


You have disconnected.