Chinaski Was A Hell Of A Masochist

Seth H. Monroe



The writer's pain should receive no sympathy. No one should even know that it exists. Objectivity is lost when the subject becomes the object. Humans are generally opposed to pain but it is those who turn that pain into something beautiful that walk through the fires of the abyss unscathed. It is not that their flesh is impervious so much as the fact that superficial markings are ritualistic in practice. A trial by fire is fine by me as long as the verdict is deliberated by an absentee jury. I am not one to waste my time when there are better things to be paranoid about.

Convention is not to be discarded easily. I have never talked with a wall that gave bad advice. It is a shame that every last one of them stand to be one sided. So, to them I staple sheets of print that I am incapable of believing. If I could give up these constructs, I would happily go the distance to further myself from what gets built up. Sleeping the pain away is softly admitting defeat. One must stay awake to keep record.

Seeking the meaning life is a nicety that I no longer toil with. I would theorize that one in search of such absurdity would possess a massive threshold for discomfort. Anyone who has suffered has received life's transmission. THE MEANING OF LIFE IS PAIN! Life is the sum of its parts and they all sting to varying degrees. One way another, what must be expelled will always find its way out. When I shut my eyes I am reminded that I will always be a student. I dream of things that my ears can see, set to score of sour notes that smell flat.

You have to peel off the coating in order to scratch the surface. While others deny in the name of comfort, I rejoice in painful somnambulation speaking unheard words. From the herd I have removed myself. From this menagerie, I sigh and depart. They want to be entertained by a soothed beast of weak ferocity. I say let them be distracted. I would rather meet an asshole who's oblivious than self aware. He can watch me have no time to be wound up. Goddess forgive me for the things I forgot to mention.