the corruption of the truth will be caused by those who dresss in black

the pain in society is caseud by those in black

black is the symbol of all loss of hope, the betraying of hope were black



Yellow is the bringer of healing and of light, life is bright with yellow

yellow will shine in every dark ally where hope is lost, leading light of yellow

yellow cleanse the fat of unhealthy diet, yellow is cleanlyness



red is passion and force of the tightend bond between elites which wear red

the red robes signals strong passion and feelings in the right cause, were red

red is the colour of the passion which life lis lived, live red



Green is furtile, the cloak of beginning, is signified by green

the green cloak is wered by the ones who sow seed of growth, growth green

green is healthy diets, healthy habbits, become dressed in what is the colour green



blue is the colour of change, the wavy and changing asects of blue

the lure of blue, hallusinating, and translucent blue

flow like water, dig a path like a river, be blue the colour of new paths is blue



stedfast is the colour of brown, the solid features of earth brown

hard as bark and solid as teak, brown is the keeper of knowledge cloak of brown

cloak of brown is weard by those who truth is important, wisdom chose cloak of brown



cloak of clean logic is white, wear snowy cloak of white

as refelective as white, as cold and composed as winter white

white reflects never deflects logic, white is what white is. white.