A Pony Tale

Vom Patti



Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there was a commune populated almost entirely by ponies. These ponies came in various bright colours and shared a common interest in magick and the occult. Even the youngest and most inexperienced of them could effortlessly perform the kind of magickal actions that in a modern materialist society would be considered miraculous if not downright wicked, and the most trained and most knowledgeable of them, including but not limited to the village elder and high priest who lived in a hut and went by the name Frank, had no trouble at all altering the objective reality in a fundamental way by merely directing their will towards the right goal and waving their tail a bit.

Later, in Jordania, I saw men eating the meat of goats.

The ponies did not eat meat. Instead they ate grass and apples and lettuce and worshipped some fictional goddess by exposing their genitals and rolling in wet sand. Some of them were allergic and had a sensitive skin and fur and therefore refused to take part in these senseless acts. They much preferred staying in their houses, chilling out and occasionally communicating with each other through civilized, non-vulgar gestures. Some of these allergic ponies joined their forces and began to publish a materialist magazine inspired by Julien Offray de La Mettrie and other memorable characters of the French revolution.