Matthias, the Exhibitionist

Brian A. Lopez



It was a day like any other, which of course is asinine since every day is unique, even if just in the most minute details. The Dark Knight Rises is on the TV and it must be pondered: Are violent masturbatory acts OK? Is it a good question to ponder? Is it even meaningful? Fuck it, does anything matter? Where were we? Oh yes, OK. Interesting what language is, how did it come about?

3 coke cans, and a coke glass, what a sad sight. We hold these truths to be self evident, that one day birds and fish can coexist in harmony. Why not? A wise sage named Mike Tyson, once told us that pigeons and mankind had a relationship before Christ. Seriously, look this up. Do it now, these words were spoken over the »Boomer and Carton Show» if it’s any help.

Anyway, I really don’t like the word anyway. Not that there is any problem with it in itself, but it just seems right. The combination of mescaline, bath salts and money is never going to end well. Then again, nothing ever will. I mean, we all are going to die, there will be highs and low, perhaps success but in the end we all shall die, and this may not be a bad thing, but can’t say it’s a good thing. So yeah, nothing will ultimately end well. Then again, I never was the best at mathematics.

10 dimensions? Turn it up to 11. Roll them into 1. 3 dimensions really is just decadent, surely society can manage on just 1. It’ll be as efficient as that building which is an engineers nightmare. I’m a wet dream. You wake up in steam. The amazon is ready, but you never were, and now I race into the sunset like a formula one race car. I never met a Finn personally, though I sure would like to, and Kekkonen was a popular leader, a bit dictatorial perhaps but who isn’t? We all are a little tyrant on the inside, give me the staff of eternal peace and I’ll bash your fucking skull in with it, but don’t give me that look because you’d do the same and don’t say you wouldn’t because you can’t know.

I am become god. I am not dead. Funeral procession, it’s an obsession, when will we be done with this session? I don’t care, I never really cared. A bum at heart, I can’t say I like it. I’ve let my father down, what a good man, and my poor mother, and myself. I say I’ve let myself down but I don’t really know, I’m not sure I felt. I think I’ve let myself down, I think I can. I think I can...

And that is the story of Matthias, the Exhibitionist.