Ted Lee 23



They have reduced us to pennies now they’re taking them away!

How are we to pay our tabs and piss away the day?

I had always visioned my face on screen but it was never like this.

Run the numbers in to the ground.

Now eat the words.


You could see the look on your face if it weren’t in someone’s stomach (mainlined)

Solutions are in the bag!

Intravenous poison ivy.

Let me bleed out on the sidewalk so that I may rest in pieces.


Dance with me right to my grave...

And a shallow grave it shall be!

By the time you hook me in the eye I’ll be halfway through your smile.

A mile in another’s shoes still produces bile.

Pure absurdity


Draw a line in the sand...

Hour glasses shattered!

Time is reduced to granules.

I reiterate in tongues!


Please no pictures, please no pictures!

I have had my fifteen minutes.

By the time he goes to trial, sympathy for me will have piled up.

There are zero fucks that I could give, It’s my life, I’m livid.

Please no pictures, please no pictures!

I have had my fifteen minutes of fame...


When it is my time to lose, the user want my fat to chew.


We’re alive while you don’t live.

We’re the fucks that you don’t give.

Imagine a time so fashionably late...

The last one in line, crushed by Earth’s weight.

I have not been given the chance to reveal myself or pay my tab.


If and when my skin grows back, the change will fill my cup!