Try Sleeping

J. K. Giih



I am sitting here trying new smile

accidentally spurring

actually nobody is nobody

I acts of the company offspring

it is too late to come by beer now

visiting slower than in Finland

you can’t buy out the left

and the liquor store is still in the customer’s soul


at the shelter

except for at least too late

too late to buy it

too late to buy alcohol today

what do I think today

what do I drink today

I don’t know


a lot of what can I do next autumn I don’t know

I’m a speaking to lead and to ionize the next two lead lawyers

I want to leave underground

I don’t know why they want me to live underground

to sign of a maligned piece was my response

was offside me off before I want

I want and what do I want


I want to make debt and chopped out by that I’m afraid

I can’t let the people I can’t live with people like ending their active people

I’m afraid of people

I was just trying to close the parking we know

I don’t know

why hasn’t she called mail in pushing the gloom images to the women to love me

to love me anytime you have to approve my reprimands

to have to report bans on the idea of first two weeks

I want to be flown island in stop

be the new parking

and shaped to make coffee now


maybe this is where maybe there are maybe there are maybe

I am now I am going to do I want to have: centerline class

than an old fashioned oil and I’m an old fashioned person

I want the seventh meeting to dial amount that you away everything that sale

I don’t want money and I want anything I just want to be left alone

please can someone please I need someone to lead me out


I’m so lonely

and in one man I have seen involved

but I don’t need any

I’m a white man

under a speed value these stocks these are whole lot of us

that whole lot AIA add I am not ALYAE Al Liu the FAA and the ICFEE a E high

and high is 10:00 AM and this was just something aspects a higher taxes

or spurring


thisis west bank tests may upon this is a randomized fact

that behind a nice random house side of the highest high a negative cap

to have criticized the west sid

had lost contacts

a class act tax side ice pack of cards

last time last plan to ask a cost

a lot of bad tax flag and 1/2 to for interpret this

and are sending their tickets and extended it to extend its town

extent text and sound region takes time and missionaries and distance

and time of the above the level it all on all L El Al hunt not a lot of black plastic bag


help blasted back and do some show that I’d help

bases ID seats are bases are crying for help


to show for info that in center 28 more than half of the victims supersede

6 hours and a whisper to the