Hi nto All




Wonderful thing,

it's really what I am looking for!


I have been a member of a few other sites in the past

and made many wonderful friends.


However the connection I have made on this site

has taken my breath away..


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We started Chatting a few months ago.


He seemed to be everything I have ever wanted,

and then some.


Too good to be true,

were my first thoughts.


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A few weeks ago he endured a 21 hour train ride

to spend two weeks with my children and I.


Wow, he is definitely true.


Well it all began Five Years ago through your site,

One night i was board and feeling blue


so thought i would post a add on myself,

well i thought I would stroll through the british men

since i was born there,


i happen to see this one that caught my eye

well i wrote and three days later heard back,


three months later he came to Canada,

and six months later we were married


it is five years now and the happiest years of my life,

we are just finnishing with the Immigration

and he will finally be a legal immigrint :)


he is the best thing that happend to me

and i cant thank this site enough for making it possible :)


so girls and boys never give up

there is someone out there for everyone :)


HUGS* and thanks to this site

its possible for many.


oh it is love hellogoodbye

i'm in love still tyra love coaster wholesale


With best regards,