Kate Buck



As One


to study the white wings of the sea

dragging it’s fine grains like trailers,is to look into

your eyes like suns sunken in their melody

this beauty stares

thrown down into the sea of diamond jets

mind  swimming  into  mind

things have beginnings and endings—

this is Limbo between the decks of a ship.electric bells

move tears,cleaving ravines down your stonelike cheeks.we had

walked under the rain altars—

spirits of the desert,coming to this page

turned by the frivolous wind.different

coloured chapters

the dead hour

when the arrows are shot at 90 and three mourn

full tones ring out eyes

this time see,passing from rock cliffs to purple sea

sea sky and sound


sound sky sea

striking   fingers   of   light






Many Splendid Suns


yellow      satellite

dishes swivel round,a

round to catch the


of sun      BUZZING

over the      SKY


    furry butter


    looking over

green shoulders

to catch the extra

      terrestrial bee

   or butter


these many

swarms of dande


are many splendid









the moon is very horror

movie moustaches of cloud trousers

on its face,a lamplit smoky room full

of london 1888,in the sky

like a fiery death,a painting framed by

cloud,i can imagine a starry night,a

wolf man holwing,the drunks staggering out

onto the streets as it blithely watches,seeing

all seen all with its black kohl eyes,and scarred

face fire cars wars storms unblinking

it is all for you moon,we—

a puff flower,stars blown in the wind

watching coloured boxes with hearts

apple core,the curtains now

drawn,the illusion,illumination

lost to the window

frame an eyeglass age

less sky








foreheads of wrinkled waves

grow a whirlpoollike drain

sucking down the strains

of eyes singing light.

what clairvoyance is this?is it


not the sea but what floats in it?

look deeper,to the dreamscape

and refrains may become known


aborted spirits float on the surface

a dead goldfish in a pond of star crossed eyes

who shall say by this world

which is light,which is dark?


    the light casts shadows over us all


from the dank jungle pool

to the desert wilderness

we are excavated

gasping,mud splattered


diana’s mistress has gone out—

the distance holds no horizon

just the white cliffs

clasped by the war of waves

let us

sit   and watch the waves together






Blue Curse


face wrecked—

residue of self exiled man

a new day

in the woods of your nature

yet the same wind

blown universe

like time personified or a re

turn to times past.cornered

in your arms with poppy

seeds and the drowned

green notes of piano

keys unlocking doors,unlocking

mind’s safe behind the paint

ted picture full of secret lives

past so many different paths

which to take?night day shadow?

i only have my eyes with which

to speak to you and the other

you and me a rose to time’s

blue curse