candied a.m. dose

ted lee



With only four walls to climb I opt for aimless pacing.

Said walls have revealed all that they can without sounding overzealous.

I pay for a room that locks me out at any given or taken time that it sees fitting.

They squeeze me inside these chattering walls.

Amidst my protest, I stopped biting, kicking and screaming for a moment to have a chuckle at the thought of putting a straight jacket on a bag of viscera oh so crooked.

I snapped out of my own personal comedy and realised that all the letter "Z" needs to get out of last place is a mirror.


Excruciating moments passed like gas until I had swallowed four pairs of ears save for a single ear from the first nurse.

I chose to to not ingest the ear due to its extensive cauliflowering.

My mother is long gone and buried nowhere near here so I don’t have to eat vegetables if I don’t want to!

I had tied my own personal best at 3.5 sets of ears in one sitting.

3.5 is a familiar, tedious and profitable number to those who would rather have their dinner under the table.

I have been eating three squares a day under there, and from this necessary task I have gained valuable insights.

For instance, if one were to have done more drugs, they would have tasted better.


The straight laced require much tenderization before being consumed.

I am a glutton when viewed from any end of the spectrum.

Content with my sins and properly trained.

I have studied under the best as well as on top of a few others.

Hungry ashtrays became study aides during the latter part of my education.

Once the jabbering walls provided closure to their long winded anecdotes, tuition was paid in full.

There isn’t a path that I haven’t beaten to death, although I was begrudgingly left to spare a few so that they may warn others of my strut.

The floors are never satisfied while ceilings go neglected.

I toil for the floor almighty since it let’s me walk all over it.

Once I started to familiarize myself with the ceiling I found many open doors.

Most of them proved to be quite difficult to pass through.


Another sun calmly rises in the same fashion as the ones that came before it.

Everything beneath it is old aside from newly constructed, mouthy walls.

Another day brings another drawn out conversation filled with topics most inane and fuelled by the desire to be a hindrance.

With stiff cock and wet brain I am ready to eat again.

I am hard wired for blissful savagery.

I shall dress myself in formal attire in a vain attempt to distract others from my frequent outbursts.

These monetary lapses in manners would happen less if these four yammering walls had something more interesting to talk about.